We are a family-owned construction company providing construction services to general contractors and real estate owners throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 2001, Argo Construction specializes in residential, commercial, and public government projects. All three principals at Argo Construction hold distinguished degrees in Civil Engineering from Russia’s St Petersburg’s University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. When you work with Argo Construction, we guarantee personal attention to detail and accountable project management from pre-construction to final finishes.


Our building expertise covers the public, commercial, and residential sectors. We work closely with general contractors to perform contracting, development, and construction management for every project we take on. At Argo Construction, we know that successful projects rely on great communication - with owners, architects, design teams, subcontractors, and inspectors. We set solid schedules, create well-defined budgets, and conduct regular on-site inspections to ensure all standards are met or exceeded.


Project Supervision
Construction management capabilities at Argo Construction include oversight of all construction activities. As an independent representative of the owner we work closely with the chosen General Contractor to determine and track project schedules, sequence the work of subcontractors, and conduct site visits to ensure all construction activities are performed according to plan. In addition we ensure the General Contractor and all sub contract labor working at the owner’s site is in compliance with insurance regulations.

Budget/Schedule Control
As owner representative we control the payment process to ensure that billed work is completed and inspected. Prior to any release of funds, we collect all required waivers and forms from the General Contractor, as well as their subcontractors and suppliers. We hold weekly site meetings with the General Contractor to make sure that projects are built according to the approved schedule. When we encounter situations that might incur change orders requiring additional funding, we notify owner immediately and get approval in writing.


Design/Architectural Services
We turn opportunity into reality. Beginning with your goals, our team of licensed architects and engineers at Argo Construction plans, designs, and builds upon your initial vision, starting with the site layout and extending to the structural details that distill the spirit of your project.

Pre-Construction Services
At Argo Construction we begin each project with a clear, step-by-step action plan. We prepare a complete set of construction documents and work closely with city and county planning departments to secure all required permits. To make the most of your budget we use a value engineering process to find cost-effective construction solutions, then reach out to trusted sources for finish materials, accessories, and appliances.


With more than a decade of experience on diverse projects, Argo Construction is well equipped to provide construction management capability on new buildings and as renovations. To protect owners from unforeseen conditions, Argo Construction maintains an active California State General Contractor Type B license, as well as all required performance bonds and insurance certificates. We ensure that all subcontractors we work with are licensed, insured and have worked in the construction business for at least five years.  Safety is a top priority at Argo Construction and we work hard to maintain a hazard-free work site.


A complete roster of services to streamline construction

Argo Construction offers construction services to developers, general contractors, and owners, across all aspects of the construction process, from pre-construction planning to project supervision and on site labor. Argo Construction has 20+ years expertise in managing, developing and building of construction projects.




At Argo Construction we build residential, commercial and public works projects with attention to detail, tight control of budgets, and dedication to quality construction with focus on substainability.